Our hope is that the Brand Designer will make creating a brand a snap. It's a powerful tool, however, and there's a lot packed in there. Click on the tabs below for tips on using the Brand Designer.

As you begin making changes to your editable brand, the Configuration menu  will include options for undoing your changes:

Custom JavaScript? Lose the script tags...

When adding custom JavaScript via the Brand Designer, be sure to provide only JavaScript (i.e., omit the HTML <script> tags).  To upload custom JavaScript or CSS follow these instructions, or use the Brand Designer's Custom CSS and JavaScript tab (for Zen 5.2 and later).

Click here if bad custom JavaScript has broken Zen (pre-Zen 5.2.8 only)

The Panic Button

Custom JavaScript is applied to every page that your brand is applied to, and if your JavaScript contains syntax errors, it can result in broken page functions. If this happens, use the "Undo" command (see Undo Stack, last tab).

But what if your JavaScript has broken the page so badly that the Toolbar won't draw? If that happens, don't panic! The following command, modified as appropriate for your Confluence wiki and brand name, will remove the broken JavaScript. Note: this may result in the loss of JavaScript code updates if they were not previously saved; but, it will restore the functioning of your wiki:

 Point your browser at the following URL, modified as described:


  • baseURL: If you are not familiar with your Confluence wiki's baseURL, your administrator should be able to identify it. But here's a tip: if you are browsing a wiki page with an URL in the form ofhttp://mywiki.com/display/something/Some+Page+Title, the baseURL is the part up to but not including "/display...."(in the case of the example, the baseURL is http://mywiki.com).
  • yourBandName : substitute the name of your brand, exactly as you first defined it. This IS case-sensitive.

 Firing this action will result in a Page Not Found message. That's OK!

When you see this message, hit your browser's Back button, and then reload the page. Your page should be restored to the state it was in at the time of your last "Save". If it's not restored, please contact us for assistance.

Error uploading image using the Brand Designer

When trying to upload an image using the Images panel Zen's Brand Designer, you may get the following error:

  • Could not upload the file to Confluence. The server may be unavailable.

This happens when you don't have temporary access to administrative functions. You can get around this two ways:

  1. Access the Admin Console and enter your password. This will turn on the access to admin functions (and you'll see a message banner on all pages indicating this).
  2. Disable "Secure administrator sessions" from the Security Configuration panel in the Admin Console. This shouldn't be done on publicly accessible servers, but you're developing on a test server behind the firewall, or on your local computer, right?

(This is a known bug that was fixed in Zen 5.2.4.)