The logo can and should be customized, first by uploading your own logo, and second by setting the page you want users to return to when they click the logo.

Setting a Custom Logo

There are three ways to replace the default Zen logo with your own:

  1. By including a logo image in your custom brand (see the Branding Guide for more details)
  2. By uploading a custom logo through the Confluence Admin Console
  3. By uploading your logo at the space level through the Space Admin page

Options 2 and 3 will override any logo specified in the brand.

Logo Hints

Logos should be sized to fit within the header area. If you provide a logo that is too big for this space, it will be resized to fit. For reference, the default Zen logo is approximately 110 x 50 pixels.

Setting the Logo Target

By default, clicking the logo will take users to the Site home page, which is often the Dashboard or the demonstration space home page. We recommend creating a landing space designed to help users find relevant spaces or space hierarchies, and then setting the logo click-thru link to the home page of the landing space.

  • To set the logo target globally, use the Admin Console Zen Site Settings page (Site Administrator permissions required).
  • To set the logo target for an individual space, use the Space Admin Zen Settings page (Space Administrator permissions required).

Note that, at the space level, there are three options:

  • deferring to the global setting
  • using the settings configured in another space
  • configuring a custom logo target for the space