Zen 5.1.0 for Confluence 4.0 through 4.2 is now available.

Review the 5.1 Upgrade documentation prior to upgrading.

If you have a custom brand, review the 5.1 Brand Upgrade documentation, or contact us if you have an Zen brand maintenance contract (or want to purchase one), and we will upgrade for you.


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-634Too many log messages from Marketplace license handler
ZEN-640ConfluenceWebLink#getDisplayableUrl displays deprecated method warning in logs


JIRA IssuesDescription
ZEN-367Remove empty top-level toolbar menus
ZEN-372Incorrect watermark displays on Team Calendars
ZEN-373Team Calendars missing Add Event and Add Calendar menu buttons
ZEN-374Enhance Zen menus so top-level tab can be highlighted when on related pages
ZEN-380Edit pencil displays over menu
ZEN-388System administrator privileges required for space Zen settings access
ZEN-390Add option to show Dashboard menu link to all users
ZEN-391Add ability to use standard page meta data (instead of Zen's abbreviated version)
ZEN-409Zen plugin's plugin-responsible-for-page-rendering check feature causes problems
ZEN-434Page render error on blog posts in a space without blog posts
ZEN-510Space tabs display badly with Zen as global theme and documentation or easy reader theme at space level
ZEN-629Dragging from right column to tabs sometimes moves tabbed section to column
ZEN-635View Drafts wizard breaks edit links on page
ZEN-636Copy page view displays badly
ZEN-637Page template link appears on blogposts and copy page screens
ZEN-638Link to This Page wizard shows page info instead
ZEN-644Page title on edit screen has transparent background
ZEN-647Compatibility with Confluence 4.2


JIRA IssuesDescription
ZEN-392Page Turners macro throws index bounds error on .zen pages


JIRA IssuesDescription
ZEN-387Validate brand causes string index out of range error
ZEN-429Use sprites for brand icons to optimize page load times
ZEN-642Allow brands icons to be either .png, .gif, or .jpg
ZEN-646Add styling hook to footer on login panels