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Zen 4.0 is a major update for Zen 3.2, redesigned to make it easier, more intuitive, and more fun to use. Here are a few highlights:

  • Drag-and-drop page layout
  • Micro-content editing
  • Improved drafts & publishing
  • Complete version history for all content 
  • New master page layouts
  • Realtime-preview design wizard 
  • Page auto-numbering
  • Improved blog display
  • iPad support

We've also posted the Illustrator file containing layers for all the Zen graphics to make it easier to match your color palette. Download the file here.

Important Information for Zen 3.2 Users

Zen 3.2 users will see an upgrade-to-Zen-4.0 warning message when viewing pages in Zen spaces. Confluence administrators should follow the link in the message, then complete the instructions to perform the upgrade.

Important Information for Zen 3.2 Users Upgrading to Confluence 4.0

Before upgrading to Confluence 4.0, upgrade Zen 3.2 to Zen 4.0.


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-276Admin screen to view which pages are overriding the Zen Master
ZEN-402Development mode ignores brand file and plugin extras


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-265Browser cache does not refresh when brands/Zen are upgraded
ZEN-268My Drafts shows non-Zen space drafts
ZEN-269Blog list display improvement
ZEN-271When editing a section, scroll browser window to view section on edit preview
ZEN-272Make sure tabbed section is selected after editing it
ZEN-275Increase vertical white space around headings and paragraphs
ZEN-292When editing a section, newline markup gets erased (double backslashes are converted to single, then pruned on subsequent edit)
ZEN-294Disconnect master page, menu, header, footer pages when overriding for a space
ZEN-302Custom fonts not working on some Firefox clients
ZEN-306Replace mouse-over-to-reveal with hide and show toolbar buttons
ZEN-314Improve navigation to menu, header, and footer pages
ZEN-319Monospace font not rendering properly in Zen
ZEN-320Toolbar hotspot interferes with links in Zen header
ZEN-321Make publish/revert control panel always visible on drafts
ZEN-325Footer edit permissions being calculated incorrectly
ZEN-328Redirect on login not working
ZEN-329Create blog master layout broken
ZEN-339Duplicate titles on title edit wizard cause error
ZEN-341Space and page options should not show in menu on dashboard
ZEN-342Should be able to get to the space directory from the top-level menu bar
ZEN-343Page tree is broken on the space export screens
ZEN-344IE .pngs have black backgrounds during fade-in transitions
ZEN-346Web resources from other plugins missing
ZEN-347Need ability to put add sections to pages from the Zen Master center column
ZEN-349Title-less drafts cause error in draft list window
ZEN-350Contributor dropdown on search filter is missing
ZEN-353Untitled drafts are not cleaned up at page creation
ZEN-354Attachments added during new page creation are not transferred to Zen draft
ZEN-356Link back to view page missing from Attachments page
ZEN-363Allow plugins to suppress Zen re-rendering pages
ZEN-367Remove empty top-level toolbar menus
ZEN-373Team Calendars missing Add Event and Add Calendar menu buttons
ZEN-374Enhance Zen menus so top-level tab can be highlighted when on related pages
ZEN-396Zen section IDs can duplicate on fast servers
ZEN-400French language pack causes Zen not to render pages


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-262Special characters in titles display incorrectly in page-tree macro
ZEN-295Blog-posts macro needs way to display simple titles list
ZEN-300RSS Macro displays badly in columns
ZEN-322Create macro that adds CSS classes to the BODY element


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-124Brand properties option to keep Edit pencils always visible
ZEN-270Allow tabbed view to be created out of sections
ZEN-298Change toolbar to default to on
ZEN-299Toolbar tuning and initial showing settings (now defaults to on)
ZEN-311Zen header feature image
ZEN-315Two brands with the same zenBrandName confuse Zen
ZEN-323Watermark not displaying properly in Safari 5.1 or Chrome
ZEN-323Watermark shifts on screen size change in Chrome
ZEN-324Add a clear:both to labels?

Gracefully handle brands that contain the zipped parent directory

ZEN-330Added header feature image option to
ZEN-337Brand list does not update after reinstalling built-in brands
ZEN-338Missing brands cause error on page load
ZEN-345Watermark does not display on space admin pages
ZEN-362Missing page.change property in Confluence 3.3 & 3.4 (publish panel text)
ZEN-372Incorrect watermark displays on Team Calendars

Option to display stock page metadata (add zenUseClassicMetadataFormat=yes) to


When zenToolbarEnableForAnonymousUsers=no, toolbar tab can still appear

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