Zen makes the brand creation process easy with the fastest edit-view cycle possible. Simply change the properties, images, and fonts in your brand, and reload your browser page to see the results immediately. No zipping or uploading files is required to test your changes.

To work on your brand in development mode, follow the steps below:

Not for Production

Disabling Zen caching should not be done on your production server.
Simultaneous page loads (by different users) will not function properly, and performance will be adversely affected.

Turn Caching Off

Development mode begins once you disable caching. This means that Zen will read and compile all brand information from scratch on every page load.

  1. Select Configuration > Admin Console from the toolbar
  2. Click the Cache Management link (in the Zen Foundation section)
  3. Read the "Warning" message
  4. We mean it: please read the "Warning" message
  5. Click Disable Caching
  6. Did you read the warning message?
  7. Click OK to disable caching

Copy an Existing Brand

Make sure you start with the correct brand version.

In your CONFLUENCE_HOME directory, you'll find a directory called zen/brands which will have the three built-in brand folders: breeze, ginseng, and juice, plus any others you have installed. (You'll also see their corresponding .zip files.) Pick one that you'll start with and modify. (We recommend breeze.) Then follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of the folder (not the .zip) of your chosen brand
    • This should include copies of the brand.properties file, and images and fonts folders
    • There may not be a fonts folder
  2. Rename the top-level folder to your desired brand name
    • Do not use spaces in the name
  3. Open the brand.properties file in your favorite editor
  4. Change the zenBrandName= entry to match the folder name from step 2, and save the file

Select Your New Brand

Now we'll surf to your Zen/Confluence site.

  1. Select Configuration > Admin Console from the toolbar
  2. Click the Manage Brand Plug-ins link (in the Zen Foundation section)
    • You should see your new brand listed
  3. To make it the default brand for all spaces, click "Make Default"

    --- OR —
  4. Surf to a single space and select Configuration > Space Brand and select your new brand

Start Editing

Now editing is simple and immediate:

  1. Open the brand.properties file in your favorite editor
  2. Make a change
  3. Save it
  4. Refresh your browser window and see the effects
  5. Repeat until everyone is smiling*

You can change the images and fonts as well. Just refresh your browser to see the results.

* If you're not smiling, don't feel bad. While Zen makes changing your brand easy as pie, there's still a lot of work for a graphic designer to do. If you're not a designer, or simply don't have the time, you might consider our low-cost Zen Brand Package design service.

Save Your Work

When you're done, you can load your new brand onto your server:

  1. Zip the brand.properties file together with the images (and optional fonts, css, and scripts) folder(s) into one zip file
    • Zip those files directly, not the folder that contains them
  2. Rename the .zip file to match your brand name (keeping the .zip extension)
  3. Upload your new brand to your test or production server

And be sure to copy your brand files to a safe place (or better yet, your source code versioning system).