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Manage Zen Intranet via Zen Lightning

Once installed, click its configure button:

This will open the Zen Lightning Installer. You’ll have a choice of install scope: you can install the Whole Site or Sandbox (spaces only). For evaluators, we recommend installing Whole Site. But if you have existing spaces and configuration items you want to preserve, you may want to choose the Sandbox option (see the What It Does section below).

Just click the Start button. The Installer will update status in real time as it installs the components. The Start button will become a “ Test Drive .. .” button on completion, taking you to the Intranet landing page.

Whole Site vs. Sandbox

You have the option to target your Zen Intranet to the entire site or to spaces only. When using the site-wide setting, 

For both Whole Site and Sandbox, Zen Intranet will install the list of spaces and Zen brands shown on the Installer UI, and will configure the menus to connect those spaces into a seamless, organized intranet site.

For Whole Site, Zen Intranet will also configure Confluence global settings to help users navigate back to the Intranet landing page. Specifically, Whole Site:

  • Sets the global landing page to Zen Intranet landing page
  • Sets the logo click target to the Zen Intranet landing page
  • Sets Zen Foundation to the global default theme
  • Sets Intranet to the global default Zen Brand
  • Sets the Zen Foundation global master space

The Manage Zen Lightning panel also contains a Clean Up button. Clicking this button will tell the Zen Lightning engine to stop managing the Lighting content. The content (spaces) will no longer be displayed in the Manage UI, and you will no longer be able to uninstall/re-install that site via the Manage UI (although you can always re-install the Intranet plugin again if you wish to do so).

Why would you want to do this? To prevent a Confluence Administrator from inadvertently deleting your content.

If you customize and add your own content to the Zen Intranet site (or any other Zen Lightning site), any user with Administrator privileges can delete the site by using the Manage Zen Lightning UI’s Uninstallbutton. This is the equivalent of using Confluence's Remove Space function, and is not reversible. To prevent anyone from accidentally deleting your content, we recommend using Clean Up to remove your site from the Lightning Manager once you begin adding content.

You can uninstall Zen Intranet as easily as you installed it. Simply navigate to the Confluence Admin Console’s Manage Zen Lightning menu item. In the manager UI, find the Zen Intranet item and click the Uninstallbutton. This will take you to the Uninstaller, which functions just like the Installer, except that the install scope is already determined:


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