There's a LOT we (heart) about Confluence. Here are a few of our favorite Confluence features we utilize for great design:

Image Effects

Confluence's built-in image editor is awesome. You can easily change an image's size, as well as add an effect to really help your images stand out. (You might want to consider adopting an Image Effect "standard" for most use cases, to ensure visual consistency across your site.)

(Just click on any image in your content, and you'll see the Image Editor pop open.)


We turn to the easy-access align tool in the Confluence editor as a first-step when designing pages. (In fact, we're using it on this page to align our images within each block of text.)

Use the Zen Clear Macro to help break your text where you want it.

Type Geek?

Did you know Confluence has easily accessible em dashes?!? (We know, we're a little bit crazy that way.) Just use the Editor's Insert Tool to open up the Symbol Window. You'll find it there. 

Page Layout 

The Layout options in Confluence's editor work great in Zen Sections! We often turn to this as a first step in aligning content (along with the Align Tool, mentioned above.)

Not quite what you're after? When we want a more finely-tuned layout or alignment in a section, we turn to the Zen Wrap Macro.
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