The User Guide provides a detailed look at how to view, create, and organize content using Zen Foundation.

If you're looking for advice on installing and configuring Zen Foundation, jump over to the Zen Administration Guide.

Once you're up and running, the following sections will show you how to design great pages and add content:

check it out: Zen Intranet

Our new (free!) Intranet brand is not only a great demo tool, it's a terrific opportunity to explore how Zen works. You can download it on the Atlassian Marketplace, and in one click — voilà! — you've got a fully loaded site, complete with multiple spaces and sample content. It's a great way to learn about space and site structure in Zen, as well as possible design options. 

New to Wikis?

If you're new to wikis, you might want to check out our Wiki 101 Guide for a fast jumpstart.

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