Zen Foundation offers the following:

Drag-and-drop Layout

Intuitive arrangement of columns and sections.

Flexible Page and Column Sizes

Fine-grained control over display layouts.

Toggles for Page Components

Control display of breadcrumbs, page titles, authorship data, labels & likes, and comments.

Brand Designer Controls Everything

Seamless branding with color palettes, custom fonts, magic icon & image generation, and beyond.

Navigation with Drop-Down Menus

Easy-to-create multi-level drop-down/slide-off menus.

Simple, Well-organized Toolbar

Confluence and zen functions at your fingertips, yet out of the way.

Sectional Editing

Granular page content eliminates complexity for authors.

Drafts and publishing

Experiment and polish your work in private, publish in bulk.

Master Page Layout Templates

Maintains consistency and simplifies editing.

Better Blogging

Intuitive blog navigation and contribution.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO support leads the world to your wiki.

Auto-numbering for Pages and Tables

Simplified structured pages and data.

Design Macros and Image Effects

Rich visual effects, content presentation, and animation.

Permissions Control

Display menus, navigation, and content tailored to the user.

Sub-space Watches

More flexibility to focus on what matters.

Browser Support

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 & 9, and Safari (same versions as Confluence)s

Boost User Adoption

Inviting design lowers barriers and draws new users in.

Grow your Knowledge Base

Simplified authoring helps knowledge stay and spread within your organization.

Lower Training and Support Costs

Reduced complexity lowers the burden on your IT department and help desk.

Eliminate Costly Static Websites

Beautiful, powerful, flexible, low-cost alternative to your next traditional website overhaul.

Strengthen Ties to Customers

Branded, private portals extend relationship beyond organizational boundaries.

Increase Community Satisfaction

Drag-and-drop layouts and visual design tools make contributing fun and rewarding.

Improve Solution Response Time

Flexible navigation and reduced complexity lead users quickly to what they need.

Extend Your Online Portfolio

Seamless branding creates a natural extension to your existing tools.



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