Zen Foundation comes with three built-in brands (breeze, ginseng, and juice), as well as our recommended starting point: Chameleon. You can choose one to get started building your site. Or, you might want to check out our newest Zen addition, the first of our Lightning Series of one-click demo sites: Zen Intranet.

Eventually, most organizations want to customize their site to match their corporate identity. Zen makes that easy with Zen's Brand Designer, which gives amazing control and flexibility over the design of your Zen site.

If you have a pre-built custom brand (it's a .zip file), follow these steps:

  1. On the Admin Console > Zen Foundation > Manage Brand Plug-ins screen, click the Choose File button, select the brand file on your computer, and then click Upload
  2. Your new brand will appear in the table, and you can click its Make Default button so it becomes the default brand for the site

Your graphic designer can create a custom Zen brand for your organization. Complete instructions are available in the Zen Branding Guide.


Have your designer install a test copy of Confluence on their computer, and then use Zen's Brand Development Mode (pre-Zen 5.2) to cut brand development time down by about 90%.

Or if you just want a beautiful, turnkey Zen branded delivered to you fast, check out our Zen Brand Package design service.

Zen Built Brands

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