Introduced in Zen 5.2, Zen's Brand Designer allows you to create custom brands without ever leaving Confluence.

Brand Compliant in Minutes

Starting with our "chameleon" brand, upload your logo and select your color palette, and Zen will take care of the rest, automatically creating icons and gradients to match for an instant brand, compliant with your marketing department's guidelines. Watch » Brand Compliance in Less Than 5 Minutes

Take it up a Notch—or Several!

The Brand Designer provides ultimate control for creating an entirely new custom brand, all without leaving Confluence. (We recommend some familiarity with CSS and web design.)

Brand Designer Help

Note that within the Brand Designer, every setting 'title' is linked to a help tip: simply click the colored text, and the Brand Designer will pop open a help window with more information about that Brand Designer setting, including examples.
Sample Brand Designer Panels

Get Started!

 NOTE: You must have "Confluence Admin" privileges to edit a brand.

To get started, first you'll need to enable Brand Development mode to use the Brand Designer. 

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