To prepare for Zen's new interactive Brand Designer, you'll need to upgrade your Zen 5.0 brand for use with Zen 5.1.

Automatic Upgrade

Upgrading your Zen 5.0 brand to be compatible with Zen 5.1 is simple: You need to move a subset of files from your brand's images folder to the icons folder (renaming a couple in the process).

This is a bit tedious, so we're written a script to do it automatically for you. Here's how to do it.

  1. Download this script: (Unix)
  2. From a terminal shell, go into your brands top-level directory (where the file lives)
  3. Run the script:

  4. Resize your icons/rss-feed.gif to be 25px x 25px (max)

And that's it.

If you're using Subversion to keep track of your brand, here's handy script to update svn for the changes (you'll have to commit the changes separately):

Manual Upgrade

Complete the following steps to upgrade manually.

  1. Create a new folder in your brand named icons at the same level as your images folder.
  2. Move the following files from the images folder to the icons folder:
    • dropdown.gif
    • dropdown-hover.gif
    • pencil-comments.gif
    • remove-comments.gif
    • reply-comments.gif
    • rss-feed.gif
    • tree-closed.gif
    • tree-leaf.gif
    • tree-open.gif
  3. Resize rss-feed.gif to 25px X 25px max.
  4. If using a zenToggleCloakImageClosed=icon in your brand:
    • Move the image from the images folder to the icons folder.
    • Remove the file extensions (.gif, .png, etc.) from the zenToggleCloakImageClosed=entry in your file.
  5. Move the following files from the images folder to the icons folder:
    • comment-bubble_single.gif
    • comment-bubble_double.gif
  6. Rename comment-bubble_single.gif to bubble-single.gif.
  7. Rename comment-bubble_double.gif to bubble-double.gif.
  8. Delete the following obsolete files from the icons folder:
    • wizard-cancel.gif
    • wizard-cancel-hover.gif
  9. Delete the following obsolete files from the images folder:
    • arrow-right.gif
    • blog-divider.gif
    • bottom-shadow.png
    • left.gif
    • marker.gif
    • spinner.gif
    • tack.png
    • tack-on.png