Zen Foundation 5.0 is a major update, redesigned for Confluence 4.0 through 4.1. Highlights include:

  • Amazing Confluence 4 editor
  • Bulk page publishing
  • Page load performance improvements
  • Dynamic column and page sizing

Important Information For Zen 4.0 Users

Review the 5.0 Upgrade documentation prior to upgrading.

If you have a custom brand, review the 5.0 Brand Upgrade documentation, or contact us if you have an Zen brand maintenance contract (or want to purchase one), and we will upgrade for you.

Important Information for Zen 3.2 Users

Zen 3.2 users must upgrade to Zen 4.0 prior to installing Zen 5.0.


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-494UPM upgrader does not report Zen needing upgrades
ZEN-558Allow Zen licenses to be purchased in the Atlassian Marketplace
ZEN-584Admins with System Administrator privileges from confluence-administrators aren't seeing Zen site settings


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-127Search-all-spaces default for landing space
ZEN-284Add blog post metadata display for calendar events
ZEN-327Remove space scope from toolbar search box
ZEN-334Enable section tabs to be set up via menu or drag and drop
ZEN-359Team Calendars formatting off
ZEN-448Bulk publishing comment field disabled
ZEN-450Blog post updates cause stack trace during notification step
ZEN-453Turning off master causes error on pages with no ZEN-sections
ZEN-458Version history arrows not rendering
ZEN-459Quick search drop positioning is too far to the right to be usable
ZEN-461Underlined links showing up inappropriately
ZEN-462Spacing on publish/trash/master icons out of whack
ZEN-463Historical next/previous arrow icons out of alignment
ZEN-465Title-change icon severely clipped when Page Title is turned off
ZEN-467Padding set up incorrectly for footer
ZEN-473Blog post calendar elements not centered
ZEN-478Page Not Found page needs styling
ZEN-479Browse Space page tree indentation off
ZEN-482Edit blogpost title throws error
ZEN-483Editor not full height
ZEN-485If lucene fails due to a write lock (or other), page updates fail
ZEN-486Zen context parameters in URLs are inappropriately converted by Anti-XSS
ZEN-489Profile pages are badly formatted
ZEN-491Border missing for new page input
ZEN-493Recently viewed wizard gets stuck on second use without page reload
ZEN-504Section menu is empty on historical pages
ZEN-518Some headers are leaking through without Zen Font Weight settings
ZEN-530More complex text in Zen Calendar summary
ZEN-532Add Zen Colors to Conf Editor Color Picker
ZEN-533Error creating a tab when the page has only one section
ZEN-534Site home page title should not be web-safed in breadcrumbs
ZEN-540Active Image links should get hand pointer
ZEN-542Nested ordered lists are getting bullets instead of numbers/letters
ZEN-545Edit entire page on blog post throws error
ZEN-547Use new blog browsing feature in Conf4
ZEN-549NoSuchMethodError error on publishing
ZEN-553Some Active Image hovers need the hand cursor
ZEN-563Accept-invite page for Invite plugin displays badly
ZEN-572New Page Title in glossary should be New Term
ZEN-573Pressing Cancel on Add Term takes user back to glossary root instead of previously viewed page
ZEN-579Flexigrid spacing is off
ZEN-581Team Calendars renders with scroll bars
ZEN-587Slide-off menus on Zen toolbar can display beyond the right edge of the window
ZEN-595Allow complex page footers
ZEN-600Empty menu tab removal not working for anonymous users
ZEN-601Toggle full width appears when canvas size is fixed by page design
ZEN-607Watermark displays html encoded special characters
ZEN-610Top and bottom positioned section drawn twice on .zen.master
ZEN-611Show space on list of drafts in bulk publish wizard
ZEN-612Allow selection of this space only in bulk-publish wizard
ZEN-616Watermark font does not default properly in IE9
ZEN-617Column header fonts are ignored by IE9
ZEN-618Drag-and-drop sections and drag-and-drop column and canvas resizing are erratic in IE9
ZEN-619Blog posts not editable for some users even though permissions are correct


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-451Add new macro to add a CSS class to the #canvas element on individual pages
ZEN-468{wrap} as replacement for {div} macro
ZEN-471Page Tree indents too wide
ZEN-474Macro to link to same page in another space
ZEN-497Mark ZEN-wrapper macros as deprecated
ZEN-498RenderRandomContentAction getLabels() methods conflicts with superclass
ZEN-500Random Content macro wizard does not display input fields for initial-delay and delay
ZEN-501Clear macro provides zero documentation in the macro browser – should at least have a one-sentence summary or explanation
ZEN-502Tab View macro throws error when inserted into initial draft of a newly created page
ZEN-503Toggle Cloak macro adds break after body and before toggle glyph
ZEN-505Obsolete Zen Master Page macro appears in macro browser
ZEN-506SEO Title and SEO Meta Description macros need better documentation in macro browser
ZEN-507Active Image macro accessible parameter not documented in macro browser
ZEN-520Add Class macro is not adding classes
ZEN-523zen-master macro appears to be adding vertical whitespace when at top of page
ZEN-524Zen Calendar blogposts not editable after first edit
ZEN-526Calendar cross highlighting not working over individual entries
ZEN-528Adjust attachments macro to display all native fields
ZEN-535Active Image margin and padding parameters missing from macro editor
ZEN-543Zen calendar details box border does not match
ZEN-546Copy Element macro
ZEN-550Concise version of the attachments macro
ZEN-557When Rotate Image macro is used, have a class automatically added to that section
ZEN-565Zen calendar not respecting create-blog permissions
ZEN-566Calendar List macro repeats date on start/stop on same day
ZEN-578Adaptavist create-page macro does not work in edit-target mode
ZEN-585Rename Cloak and Toggle-Cloak macros to avoid conflicts with Composition plugin
ZEN-602Add a greeting macro to display the logged in user's name
ZEN-604Livesearch results hidden inside ZEN section
ZEN-620Calendar edit and create not respecting blog post permissions
ZEN-621Trivial spelling error in greeting macro


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-243Add default screen size to brand.properties
ZEN-251Add a .no-print feature
ZEN-449Changing the brand affects all spaces, instead of just the space where the change was made
ZEN-469Add CSS Class and Clear fields to Section Designer
ZEN-447Allow multiple tabbed sections on the same page
ZEN-484Add link text decoration options to brand.properties
ZEN-499Add customizable column sizes to brand
ZEN-513Add clear option to Section Designer
ZEN-519Two hyphens on border-radius property
ZEN-522Add support for typekit fonts
ZEN-536Allow section borders to be set separately from broader borders
ZEN-537Add brand.properties option to suppress top-level breadcrumb
ZEN-538Allow number of breadcrumbs without ellipsis to be controlled by brand
ZEN-539Wiki content links not getting the brand hover color
ZEN-548Add brand.properties option to include Blog tab in space tabs
ZEN-552#fancybox image viewer getting link hover border applied
ZEN-554Brand property settings for images need to be specified for new Confluence image handling
ZEN-559Tabbed Section needs .first class on first item
ZEN-560Tabbed Sections in brand.properties mismatched in CSS
ZEN-569Add brand.properties option override screen size
ZEN-591Allow breadcrumb marker to be brought in with text instead of image via css
ZEN-606Allow brand to override global logo
ZEN-608Brand option to highlight links to ancestor pages
ZEN-609Allow complex submenus to appear on pages
ZEN-613Allow brand to suppress new-window default behavior
ZEN-614Show default padding and margin in Section Designer
ZEN-615Brand resources that have the same name as Zen resources are ignored
ZEN-623More refinement needed on link styling for footer