Before you begin, you MUST upgrade to Confluence 3.5.x and Zen 4.0.x.

Test your upgrade to Zen 5.0 using a backup of your system.

Pre-Upgrade Homework

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure your Confluence license is current.
  2. Review Atlassian's Upgrade Guide.
  3. Review Atlassian's Planning for Confluence 4.0 pages.
  4. Upgrade your custom Zen brand (if you have one).

Make a Complete Backup

Backup your:

  1. Confluence installation directory
  2. Confluence home directory
  3. SQL database

And use these backups to recreate your Confluence 3.5/Zen 4.0 environment on a test server. (This also validates your backup.)

Upgrade Your Non-Zen Plugins

  1. Upgrade the Universal Plugin Manager to 1.6.2 or later.
    • Restart Confluence if your previous version was earlier than 1.6.
  2. From the Admin Console > Plugins screen, use the Confluence Upgrade Check tab to review plugins that need upgrading

Install Zen 5.0

  1. From the Admin Console > Plugins screen:
    • Use the Manage Existing tab to uninstall Zen Foundation
    • Use the Install tab to Install Zen Foundation 5.0

NOTE: The Zen Foundation plugin will report that it cannot be enabled. This is okay.

Upgrade to Confluence 4.x

  1. Shutdown Confluence
  2. Follow Atlassian's Confluence upgrade process.
  3. Start the new Confluence installation, and monitor the atlassian-confluence.log and catalina.out log files.

Confluence will upgrade your database, including the Zen macros. This may take several minutes or longer depending on the size of your content, test server capacity, etc.

Upgrade Your Custom Zen Brand

If you have a custom brand:

  1. Follow the steps on Custom Brand Uploadsto load your Zen 5.0-compatible Zen Brand.

NOTE: The built-in brands (breeze, ginseng, and juice) will be automatically upgraded by Zen.

Confirm the Upgrade

  1. When the logs report that "Confluence is ready to serve" (atlassian-confluence.log) and "INFO: Server startup in ###### ms" (catalina.out), Confluence is ready to use.
  2. Browse your upgraded site to ensure that everything looks normal (menus, master layouts, page content).