Zen Foundation 4.0.4 is a substantial update to Zen 4.0, primarily fixing bugs, and adding minor features. This is a recommended upgrade for all Zen 4.0 users.


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-584Admins with System Administrator privileges from confluence-administrators are not seeing Zen site settings


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-327Remove space scope from toolbar search box
ZEN-510Space tabs display badly with Zen as global theme and Documentation or Easy Reader as space theme
ZEN-574Page template labels are not being added during page create
ZEN-579Flexigrid spacing is off
ZEN-587Slide-off menus on Zen toolbar can display beyond the right edge of the window
ZEN-616Watermark font does not default properly in IE9
ZEN-617Column header fonts are ignored by IE9
ZEN-619Blog posts not editable for some users even though permissions are correct


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-468Need replacement for div macro
ZEN-496blog-link macro includes parameter for images that is not used
ZEN-497Mark zen-wrapper macros as deprecated
ZEN-500random-content macro wizard does not display input fields for initial-delay and delay
ZEN-501clear macro needs documentation in the macro browser
ZEN-502tab-view macro throws error when inserted into initial draft of a newly created page
ZEN-505Obsolete zen-master-page macro appears in macro browser
ZEN-506seo-title and seo-meta-description macros need better documentation in macro browser
ZEN-507active-image macro accessible parameter not documented in macro browser
ZEN-550Concise version of the attachments macro
ZEN-578Adaptavist create-page macro does not work in edit target mode
ZEN-585Rename cloak and toggle-cloak macros to avoid conflicts with composition plugin
ZEN-604live-search macro results display hidden inside zen section


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-243Add default screen size to brand.properties
ZEN-251Add a .no-print feature
ZEN-564Update built-in brands
ZEN-569Add brand.properties option to override screen size
ZEN-606Allow brand to override global logo