Zen Foundation 4.0.1 is a minor update to Zen 4.0, primarily fixing bugs, and adding minor features. This is a recommended upgrade for all Zen 4.0 users.


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-302Custom fonts not working on some Firefox clients
ZEN-307Create Page title errors cause loss of current edit window content
ZEN-399Webkit browsers ignore CSS files without final carriage returns
ZEN-403Toolbar invisible for all users when hiding for anonymous only
ZEN-407Images do not render in historical versions
ZEN-412Link to this page tooltip is incorrect
ZEN-413Change menu link to Page Display Details on ZEN Master
ZEN-415Page title cannot take focus using Tab key on page create
ZEN-416Server error message when renaming a blogpost with a duplicate title
ZEN-417Blog change date allows duplicate titles
ZEN-418Zen's anchor scroll behavior sometimes fails
ZEN-421Page display details should not be available to ZEN menu, header, and footer pages
ZEN-423Input fields in dialog wizards are missing borders


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-20Add dynamic rotation option to random-content macro
ZEN-369Zen page-tree macro does not allow you to configure the number of levels shown by default
ZEN-410Ability to suppress opening new window on external links
ZEN-411align=center parameter for active-image macro is not centering


JIRA IssueDescription
ZEN-191Override home page size brand setting affects all pages
ZEN-408SEO meta description tag support
ZEN-414Brand cache not reset when remove a brand plugin
ZEN-419New brand.properties option to disable preloading icons on every page
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