The toolbar provides access to both Zen Foundation and Atlassian Confluence features. Toolbar contents will vary depending on your user permissions. So, for example, only users who have edit permissions will see the "Add Page" icon.

Hiding Toolbar Items

 If you are building your own brand (or have begun tailoring a built-in brand), you can "prune out" specific toolbar items using Zen's Brand Designer. See Managing the Toolbar for more information.

Hiding the Toolbar

Click the icon at the left end of the toolbar to hide it. Toggle it open by clicking the image at the rightmost corner of the window.


Personal Settings

Contains links to your personal information, incuding your profile, personal space, user network, recently viewed content, and your screen size preference. It also contains links for posting a status message and for logging out.


New in Zen 5.2.7: Access to Notifications and Personal Tasks. (You can add Tasks here as well.) A "badge" with numbers of tasks will appear atop the notifications icon.


Links to the Admin Console, Dashboard, and Browse Space views, and for changing the Space Brand and page layout.
Space Brand and Space Layout options are visible only to users with space admin permissions.
Admin Console option visible only to users with site admin permissions.


A link to the People Directory, if this option has been enabled by the system administrator.

Other Content

This menu provides access to content other than pages, including Blog posts, Bookmarks, RSS Feeds, and the Space Directory.


Allows you to set a watch on the space or page, and to manage your watch lists. Hover icon state remains when watch is in place.


Allows you to add the page to your favorites, and to manage your favorites list. Hover icon state remains when page is a favorite.

RestrictNew in Zen 5.2.7: Shortcut to page restrictions. Hover icon state remains when page is restricted.


Email a link to a page to another confluence user, or any email address.

This Page

Contains all of the key Confluence functions for the current page, including: attachments, linking or viewing incoming links, moving or deleting the page, page restrictions, version history, and exporting or importing page content.
Visible only to users having edit permisions.

Full Width

This toggles the full-width page view, useful for viewing large images, spreadsheets, or other space-needy content.

Create Page

Adds a new Page, Blog post, Attachment, or Comment, and opens the appropriate view on it.
Visible only to users having edit permissions.

Your Drafts

This icon provides a list of your drafts – pages you have made changes to, but not yet published. If you have no drafts, it will appear as a gray outline. New in Zen 5.2.7: A 'badge' with numbers of drafts will appear atop the pencil. Menu options provide ability to directly publish or discard draft of the page you are on.

Visible only to users having edit permissions.

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