Fine Tune your Functioning

Looking to define specific functionality for your site on a brand level? This is probably where you'll find it. See below for specific information about each of the Specialty Options offered in the Brand Designer.


Specialty OptionDescription and Details
Landing Space KeyWhen specified, the space logo links to the defined space key. When not defined, the logo links to the Site Homepage configured in the Confluence admin console.
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics ID for tracking Confluence usage.
Show Dashboard Welcome MessageToggles the visibility of the welcome message on the dashboard.
Suppress BookmarksToggles the visibility of the 'Add A Bookmark' menu item.
Always Show Edit ButtonsToggles the permanent visibility of the edit buttons.

Don't Notify Watchers On Publish (by default)

Toggles the default selection of 'Notify Watchers' located on the 'Publish Draft' or 'View Drafts' page.

Preload Images

A list of space-separated images you add to the brand that should be downloaded in the background to speed up hovers, etc. For gradients, include 'gradients/' in the file name.
Show Space SidebarGrants user-group access to the Confluence 5 space sidebar. Leave blank to hide from all users.

CSS All Media

Space-delimited list of CSS files to include when printing (omit the .css part of the filename).

CSS Ignore

These CSS files will be ignored by the brand.


Space-delimited list of JavaScript files to include (omit the .js part of the filename).

JavaScript Ignore

These script files will be ignored by the brand.