Some Zen customers rely on the Space Name Watermark to help their users visually orient to their current space. Although this sometimes looks like a graphic, it is actually just text that has an opacity applied.

You can turn the Space Name Watermark option on and off, as well as affect its styling, in this panel of the Brand Designer. See below for details.


DisplayToggles the the visibility of the space name as a watermark in the header.
ColorColor of the watermark. (Note: a .25 opacity is applied to the color.)

Letter Spacing

CSS letter-spacing value of the watermark.
Text TransformCSS value for setting the text case of the watermark.
Font FamilyCSS font-family value of the watermark.
Font SizeCSS font-size value of the watermark.
Font WeightCSS font-weight value of the watermark.
Line HeightCSS value for setting the line height of the display.
Padding RightPixel value for creating padding from the end of the watermark to the edge of the canvas.
Position from TopPixel value for creating space from the top of the watermark to the edge of the header.