You can create the appearance of a mini-site by configuring a set of spaces to share the same Zen components. You may want to create mini-sites for departments in your company or external customers/partners who access specific areas of your site. You can also brand each mini-site, which helps to:

  • visually reinforce the separation between mini-sites
  • keep users oriented to the mini-site they are accessing
  • strengthen brand relationships with external customers and partners

Configure Main Components for Mini-Site

To configure the main components for the mini-site, complete the following procedures.

  1. Access the space that will house the main component settings. (Let's refer to this as the Space H.)
  2. Configure these settings using the Customizing Individual Spaces documentation.
  3. Access the space you want to act as a mini-site.
  4. From the Configuration menu, select Zen Space Settings.
  5. The Zen Foundation Settings page opens.
  6. Click the Edit button.
  7. For each appropriate Zen Component, select Space H from the corresponding dropdown.
  8. If necessary, select Space H from the Click Target for Logo dropdown.
  9. Click the Save button.

Broken Links and Images on .zen Pages

If you experience any broken links or images, review the Broken Links and Images on .zen Pages page for a possible resolution.