By default, a user creates page drafts that are visible only to that user. However, for individual spaces, you can enable Shared Drafts so that all editors see and edit the same draft.

Before enabling shared drafts in the desired space, use Zen's space admin Manage Drafts panel to ensure that no users have unpublished drafts. (Zen 5.2.9 will allow administrators to delete drafts.)

  1. In the desired space, use Zen's space admin Manage Drafts panel, ensure that no users have unpublished drafts.*
  2. In the Zen Space Settings panel, click Edit
  3. Select the Shared Drafts checkbox. Two new fields will appear:
  4. Set the Shared Drafts Username to a user account that will "own" the drafts. This should be a user account you create for this purpose. It does NOT need to be a member of any group with "Can Use" permissions for Confluence (so it won't count against your user-license limit).
  5. If desired, set the Restrict Publishing to Groups field to restrict the ability to publish pages to members of the listed groups. (Use commas to separate multiple group names.) Leave blank to allow any user with "Edit" permissions to publish pages.
  6. Click Save.