The Section Menu's Become Tab option allows you to convert two or more Zen sections into a single tabbed pane.

To create a tabbed pane from several sections, choose from the following.

Zen 5

Add a non-tabbed section to an existing tabbed group by dragging the section onto the group. Slide the section horizontally until a tab appears in the desired spot then drop it. Make sure you are dragging from the top-middle of the section. You should see the cursor change to a double (move) arrow ().

Reordering Tabs

You cannot reorder tabs by dragging them. Instead, you must remove a tab (make it a section) then drag the section to the desired position in the tabbed group.

Zen 4

Go to each section's Section Menu and choose Become Tab. All tabs will be added as the last tab of the existing group. (Only one tab group is allowed on a page in Zen 4.)

A note on Section Tab Headers

Zen will first look for a Section Title, which you can set using the Section Designer. If that is not set, it will look for the first h1 in a section. If that is not set either, then Zen will simply insert a "Tab #" as the header for that tab.

You can create a link to connect to a specific tab on a page, simply by adding an anchor (a # symbol plus the section name) to the page title in the link.

For example, the "Removing" tab in this sequence has a Name of "Removing" in the Section Designer. So a link to that tab would be created with the link editor's Advanced Tab as shown.

Try it: Link to Removing

The first section to be converted into a tab cannot be "removed" from a tabbed pane. Instead, choose any of the other tabs, and in its Section Menu, choose Remove From Tabs. This will convert the tab back into an independent section.