What's Happening to Zen Foundation?

Theme Press is our next-generation theming product for Confluence, which will eventually replace Zen Foundation. However, we will continue to support and upgrade Zen Foundation for new Confluence versions for a couple more years, though improvements will be limited to bug fixes and compatibility upgrades.

We will be encouraging Zen Foundation users to migrate to Theme Press, as well as providing tools to facilitate this migration.

Does Theme Press Have All of Zen's Features?

Largely, Theme Press has Zen's features (and then some), with one exception: the drafts and publishing features are not included in Theme Press.

Drafts and publishing features will be available in a separate add-on (Content Flow), which will include additional features such as content routing and scheduling.

Will You Need to Buy a Theme Press License?

If you have a commercial or academic Zen Foundation license with a current maintenance contract, we will issue free matching licenses for both Theme Press and Content Flow on request. These licenses will appear in your my.atlassian.com account alongside your Zen Foundation license.

Can You Install Theme Press and Zen Foundation in the Same Environment?

Yes, but you will need to use Theme Press version 1.1.5 or later and Zen Foundation 5.2.16 or later. Earlier versions ran into a theme-management bug in Confluence.

Should You Migrate?

If you've followed the decision tree on our Products page, you know you're able to switch to Theme Press if:

  1. You're using Confluence 5.3 or greater, AND
  2. You don't need Zen's drafts and publishing feature (or can wait until the fall)

How Does Migration Work?

We are building and testing tools to automatically migrate:

  • Zen macros to their Theme Press equivalents
  • Zen master page and page layouts to Theme Press equivalents
  • .zen pages into their Theme Press equivalents
  • Your custom Zen brand to a Theme Press theme (excluding custom CSS and JavaScript you may have added)
    • Note: if you have a current Zen brand maintenance contract, we will upgrade your brand for you

The process will be approximately:

  1. Clone your production server to a test server, on which you'll
  2. Install Theme Press
  3. Install the migrator tool
  4. Disable Zen Foundation
  5. Run the steps described the migrator tool
  6. Spot check the results

When Will the Migrator be Available?

The migrator is available now. Please contact us to learn more.

Can Brikit Perform the Migration for My Site?

As we test the migrator on ourselves and Atlassian, we will be defining a service package to offer to customers who would like us to help. This service package will also be available through our global network of Atlassian Expert Partners. Pricing and service timing is TBD.

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