In most cases, page designing will begin by overriding the default Master Page layout – a layout applied at the Space or Site level.

The Master Page layout will generally control the layout and content of items like left and right side navigation columns (and their content), headers, and footers. To remove or change the content of any of these items, or to change the number of columns, you'll first need to disconnect the Page Master.

Override Master Page Layout

To toggle the Page Master, simply click the mouse-over Master link at the top of the page:

When you turn off the Master Page layout, page elements dictated by that layout will disappear. For example, if the Master Page layout specifies three columns, your page will revert to a single column when you disconnect from the Master Page. You can add columns back by dragging-and-dropping sections, as described in Columns, Sections, and Page Display Details, above.

Conversely, if you add columns to your page, and then decide to revert to the Master page layout, your extra columns will disappear, and will be replaced by the Master Page layout. However, your content is not lost. It will reappear on the page when you again disconnect from the Master Page.

Try toggling the Master layout on and off to explore the results.