You can think of a Master Page Layout—we call it a Zen Master— as the default page layout for your entire space (or entire site. See info box at right →)

From the Zen master, you define the standard layout for all Zen pages within the site or a space. So what's in a layout?

side columns 

You can opt for 3 columns, 2 columns, or no columns (resulting in one large main section.)

content within those side columns

The sky is the limit here. Some ideas: page trees, table of contents, recent updates, attachments, and page turners.

Keep in mind this content will come in automatically on every page created in the space run off this master.

optional main content sections 

These sit above or below the main content. You can think of them like banners, headers, or footers for your page. See adding top and bottom sections for more information.

A Master Page Layout can be defined for the entire site, as well as for an individual space. We always recommend defining a Master Page Layout at the site level, to provide a common default layout.

How do I override the Master Page Layout for a specific page?

See the Override the Zen Master for a Specific Page section of the User Guide for detailed information.

Access the Zen Master

  1. To access the space settings, select Zen Space Settings from the Configuration menu.
  2. Click the "Click here to view and edit the Master Page Layout" link.

    Master Page Layout Link in a Space

    When using the site default for the Master Page Layout, this link forwards you to the Site Settings page in the Administration Console. From this page, click the Click here to view and edit the Master Page Layout link to access the Zen master.

  3. The Zen master page opens.

Columns and Sections

The Zen master allows for a one-, two- or three-column layout. Depending upon the brand you begin with, the default layout is either two or three columns.

Contents of Main Column in the Zen Master

When you're configuring your Zen Master, it's important to remember that the main (center) column sections will NOT show on pages run off of the master. Zen replaces the contents of the Zen Master main column with content you create on actual (non-master) pages.

Within each column are Zen sections you can manipulate, edit and design. Removing all sections from the left or right column causes that column to disappear. To change the position of any content section, grab the top of the section with your cursor and simply drag it to the new location.

 The following table explains some of the actions you can take against a section.


Drag and drop
  1. Hover the cursor over the top of a section until you see the cursor change to the move cursor ().
  2. Click and hold.
  3. Drag and drop the section to the appropriate area on the page.
  1. Hover the cursor over the top-left of a section until you see the pencil icon ().
  2. Click the icon.
  3. The editor opens.

For more information on editing pages, refer to the User Guide's Adding and Editing Content page.

  1. Hover the cursor over the top-right of a section until you see the Section Options icon ().
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Select Insert from the menu.
  1. Hover the cursor over the top-right of a section until you see the Section Options icon ().
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Select Remove from the menu.
  4. The Remove Section window opens.
  5. Click the Remove button.
  1. Hover the cursor over the top-right of a section until you see the Section Options icon ().
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Select Design from the menu.
  4. The Section Designer window opens.
  5. Where appropriate, configure/edit the following:
    • Section
    • Background
    • Placement

Publish or Discard Changes

After editing the Zen master (or dragging and dropping a section within the master), the page enters a draft state.

At the top of the layout page, select the checkmark () to publish your changes or the trashcan () to discard the draft.

Master Page Designer

From the Master Page Designer, you can:

  • Display or hide page features like breadcrumbs, labels and comments
  • Use another page as a master
  • Set the canvas size of the page
  • Set the widths of the side-columns

To access the Master Page Designer:

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Master Page Designer.
  2. The Page Display Details window opens.

Images not showing up on pages run from your master?

When including images on master pages, those images need to actually be STORED on a page outside the space containing your .zen.master.

See Broken Links and Images on Zen Pages for more information.

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