The most common reason to provide a Space layout is to establish common navigation elements, such as link lists, a table of contents, a page tree, or other navigation tools. By adding these tools to the Master Page, you ensure that they appear by default in every page of the space (as always, individual pages can choose to override this).

Zen contains several macros for auto-generating navigation links (and many others exist in Atlassian's rich Plugin Exchange). Our favorites for use in the space Master Page include:

Zen Page Tree

A Zen-savvy page tree navigation macro:

Zen Page Turners

The Page Turners macro allows users to browse by "paging through" a space as they would through a whitepaper, magazine, or printed manual. This can be useful when sequence is important (for example: training and educational materials):

Zen Attachments List

Like the original Confluence attachments macro, this generates a list of click-to-download links to attachments on the current page. The Zen version simplifies the link content for better formatting:

Please read Broken Images and Links On .zen Pages to ensure your master layouts display properly.