By default, Zen Foundation does not create a Site header. You can add a Site header using the Zen Site Settings. A Site Header appears above all page content and the menu, at the top of the browser window (to add a top section to the main page content, see Adding 'top' and 'bottom' sections.).

You can add a Site header using the Zen Site Settings menu item in the Admin Console. In the Site Settings panel, click the the Header option. This will be either a "click to create" option, or a "click to view" option, depending on whether a Header exists. Both links will open the Header:

Note that a header must be carefully styled to avoid conflicting with the menu and toolbar. But, the menu, toolbar, and other screen elements can be moved, hidden, or removed through a Brand. See the Branding Guide and Stepstone Design Services for more information.

Please read Broken Links and Images on Zen Pages to ensure your headers display properly.

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