The Brand Designer's gradient maker provides easy gradient making without ever leaving Confluence. 

(We commonly use gradients as background images for the top of sections, as well as for Zen Buttons.)

To create a gradient to use in your brand:

  1. name your image
  2. decide on a height
  3. pick your start color
  4. pick your end color
  5. choose a start or stop gradient setting (optional - see advanced tips below)

You should see a live preview of your gradient at the bottom of the panel. (Note that while your gradient will preview as an 85px wide block, it's actually just a 1px strip, so be sure to select "repeat-x" if you are applying as a background image.)

Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • The gradient maker is also useful for creating solid blocks of color (for instance, to use as a header background.) Simply select the same START and END color for your gradient.
  • Set the START and END gradients close together (such as 80 and 81) to create a striped image.
  • To create a "shiny button effect," choose a bright/light START color and a darker END color, and set the stop gradient at a low number, such as 12. (See Sexy Buttons for more information on how to use the Gradient Maker to create button gradients.)