New in Confluence 5, the Space Sidebar does a great job of helping to address navigation problems for Confluence out of the box. While Zen has always had rich navigation capabilities (menus, page trees, list, etc.), we've added the Main, Advanced, and Quick Links from the sidebar to the Zen Toolbar. 

We think the Space Sidebar is great for admins and seasoned Confluence users, but we left it off by default so you can think about what will work for your community.

To enable Confluence's new Space Sidebar in Zen (5.2.8+):
  • Open the Brand Designer
  • Scroll down to the SPECIALTY tab in the left hand column of the Brand Designer.
  • Find "Show Space Sidebar" in the panel content.
  • Select the group for whom you'd like to enable the Sidebar from the pulldown menu. (Options include: Confluence Administrators, Space Administrators, Known Users, and Anonymous Users.)
Great! Still with us?

If you hit Apply, you should now see the Sidebar on the left hand side of your window.

Yep, you can toggle back and forth between the compact and open state of the toolbar by dragging the right edge of the sidebar, just like in raw Confluence. You can also click on that right side of the toolbar to toggle between compact, open, and closed sidebar states. 

Sidebar Toggle Hotkey

Of course there's a hotkey for that! Just click your left-bracket key  to toggle between the various states.