You can override any of the site master settings (layout, menus, headers/footers, etc.) at the space level. To access these settings, select Zen Space Settings from the Configuration menu.

Customization Options

The Site Settings can be customized for a space directly (by editing them to create a unique layout, or menu, or other setting), or by sharing customizations from another space. For example, you can define a Site Master Menu in the Site Master Space, and one or more space-level menus. For each space, you can choose either the Site Master Menu, another space that defines a menu, or create a completely new and different menu. These options are available for each setting.

Auto Page Numbering

Auto-page numbering can be applied at the space level only. It provides nested decimal numbering for the content of a space, creating the equivalent of pagination numbers for the space content. This can be useful for technical reference materials, especially if coupled with a page-tree macro. Example:

#trackbackRdf ($trackbackUtils.getContentIdentifier($page) $page.title $trackbackUtils.getPingUrl($page))