Note: you need Site Administrator (global) privileges to view or edit the Site Master Page Layout.

The Site Master Page is accessible via the Admin Console (choose the "Master Page Layout" link in the Zen Foundation Site Settings menu item). In the Site Settings panel, click the The Master Page Layout option. This will be either a "click to create" option, or a "click to view" option, depending on whether the Site Master Page exists. Both links will open the Master Page.

The Master Page contains several default sections, which you can move, delete, or replace. The center column of the Master Page is just a placeholder. The Master Page controls only the left and right navigation columns (placement and content), and the header and footer (if any).  A few key points about Zen Master pages in general:

  • Note that by default, center-column sections on a Zen master are ignored
  • To include one or more sections on pages, add a position=top or position=bottom in the placement area of the section designer.

Best Practices

As with any page, users with Administrator privileges have access to the Edit Entire Page menu option. Please read the Administrator Best Practices regarding this function.

Also, please read Broken Links and Images on Zen Pages to ensure your layouts display properly.