You can configure settings for layout, menus, headers and footers at either the SITE or SPACE level.

How do I know whether to configure these settings at the site or space level?

A good practice is to configure site-wide settings when you want Zen to populate them over a majority of the site. Configure any space-specific settings from within the space.

Generally speaking, you will see the same configurable settings for the site that you see in a space.

You'll need Confluence Site (or global) Administrator privileges in order to modify Zen Site Settings.

The site level components control the navigation and layout of any space that uses the global theme, although they can be overridden at the space and page level. (Spaces can always apply their own brand, and still retain the global layout and menu defined in these Site Settings.)

Accessing Site Settings

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Admin Console.
  2. If necessary, log into the administrator account.
  3. The Administration Console page opens.
  4. From the Zen Foundation section, select Site Settings.
  5. The Site Settings page opens.

Accessing Space Settings

  1. From the Configuration menu in the toolbar, select Zen Space Settings.
  2. The Zen Foundation Settings page opens.

Restrict Access to Settings

To control who can change these settings:

    1. Access the site or space settings using the procedures in the previous tabs.
    2. Select the appropriate Click here to view and edit the... link.
    3. The corresponding page opens.
    4. From the This Page menu, select Restrictions.
    5. The Page Restriction window opens.
    6. Select the appropriate radio button: Restrict viewing of this page and/or Restrict editing of this page.
    7. From the To: section, select a button or enter the user or group name in the text box.
    8. Click the Restrict button.
    9. Click the Save button.
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