As a Confluence administrator, you can define the space (referred to as the Site Master Space) from which all other Zen spaces inherit their settings for layout, menus, footers, and headers.

We recommend configuring the Site Master Space (and hence using the Zen Foundation theme in all of your spaces) to provide users with a seamless wiki experience. In other words, users should be able to encounter the same look and feel throughout the site. You can always override these settings within a specific space when needed. (See the Customizing Individual Spaces page for additional information.)

We also recommend creating a separate, dedicated space for the Site Master Space. Please read Broken Links and Images on Zen Pages for a complete explanation, and to ensure your layouts, menu, headers, and footers display properly.

What happens if I do not set a Site Master Space?

If you do not configure a Site Master Space, you need to configure the individual Zen space (1) as its own master or (2) to use another space as its master.

Remember to Set the Site and Space Themes

Keep in mind that in order to see these settings take affect site-wide, you must set the site and space themes to Zen Foundation. (See the Apply Zen Foundation Theme page for additional information.)

Why is the Dashboard's brand not the same as the Site Master Space's brand?

The default brand (set from the Manage Brand Plug-ins of the Admin Console) affects the appearance of the login screen, dashboard, search results, and other non-space contexts and any space that does not explicitly specify a brand.


The following steps explain how to configure a Site Master Space.

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Admin Console.
  2. If necessary, log into the administrator account.
  3. The Administration Console page opens.
  4. From the Zen Foundation section, select Site Settings.
  5. The Site Settings page opens.
  6. Click the Edit button.
  7. The page refreshes to show a new table.
  8. From the Site Master Space dropdown, select a space.

    Which space should I set as the Site Master Space?

    We recommend you create a utility space to house the standard settings for your site. For internal Confluence users, grant the View permission to this utility space. If your site is visible to the general public, grant the View permission to anonymous users.

  9. From the Default Click Target For Logo dropdown, select the space Confluence will send users when they select the site logo.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11. The page refreshes to show the original table.
  12. From this table, you see several links that allow you to create or view/edit layout pages.

    Should I configure these settings from the space or the site?

    You can configure these settings from either the space or the site because Zen pulls/pushes them from/to a space. If you configure these settings in both the site and space, the space settings take precedence.

  13. To start, create the Master Page Layout and Menu pages by clicking their corresponding links:
    • Click here to create an editable Master Page Layout page.
    • Click here to create an editable Menu page.
  14. See Configure Your Zen Settings for the next steps.
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