First, a little terminology:

The basic unit of page layout is the Zen Section:

Zen Sections are arranged into one or more Columns.

Designing with Sections

Zen Sections allow you to organize your content into discrete "chunks", which can be helpful for several reasons:

  • it visually breaks up page, making your content more inviting
  • it confines editing to smaller pieces of the page, minimizing errors
  • it enables drag-n-drop reorganization of page content

Best Practices

As a general rule, it's best to organize content into smaller sections, to maximize each of the benefits above.

The Section Menu

The section menu, accessed by clicking on the menu icon in the upper right corner of each section, provides options for adding, removing, and copying sections, and for turning them into tabbed panes (more on this below):


Inserts a new section above the current one

Insert After

Inserts a section below the current one


Makes a duplicate of the current section (for copy-and-revise)

Become Tab

Creates a Tabbed Pane with this section as a tab, or adds it to any existing Tabbed Pane on the page


Opens the Section Designer

View Wiki Markup

Opens a viewer on the wiki markup for the current section only


Deletes the section and its content. If it's the last section in a column, will delete the column, also

Drag and Drop Section and Column Layout

To create or remove columns, and move sections between columns, simply drag each section using its title bar. A section will be activated for dragging when the cursor changes to the drag icon.

To create a column, simply drag a section to the far left or right side of the page and pause – Zen will create a new column.

And, when you remove the last section from a column, Zen will automatically remove the column.

If you are dragging a section and it refuses to enter or create a new column, your page is being governed by a Master Page.  You'll have to turn off the Master Page layout first.

Content Design with the Section Designer

Each section can be uniquely and individually styled using the Section Designer. For more information, and examples, see the Section Designer page.

Designing Inside Sections

For designing within sections, check out the Macros for Design options in the Macro Reference Guide for many more options.