In Zen master pages (including menus, headers, and footers), you can add links to a page, including images and content from other pages. But in some circumstances, Confluence optimizes these links by removing page or space-key references, causing problems for your Zen master content.  For example, Confluence will remove:

  • the space key, when the reference is in the current space
  • the page reference, when the reference is to the current page

A result of this optimization is broken links/images. Zen renders master content and images in the context of the currently-viewed page (which is never the master page itself). In other words, when you view pages in other spaces, Confluence cannot display the master content or the referenced images because it does not know to look in the space that houses that content.

We recommend you create a utility space, which should also act as the Site Master Space, to house the standard settings for your site. (For internal Confluence users, grant the View permission to this utility space. If your site is visible to the general public, grant the View permission to anonymous users.) This space should contain only Zen pages (, .zen.master, .zen.footer, .zen.header. etc.), leaving wiki content in other spaces.

An added advantage to creating a utility space is the ability to control edit permissions at the space level instead of the page level.

Resolve Broken Images

This is most often a problem when you are sharing headers or footers across spaces, and the important bit to remember about the solution is to house your image in a different space than the space that is supplying the shared master page (.zen.header or .zen.footer). 

So let's say you have a Utility space set up that drives the footer across your spaces. i.e. All of your spaces "share" the same footer - that is, the .zen.footer found in your Utility space is supplying the footer for all of your spaces. (This is, by the way, exactly how we supply our footer on the site you are viewing now.)

What to do?

  1. In another space, create a page to house the images.

    What space should I use? What page title should I use?

    We recommend using your landing space (your Site Homepage space) and titling the page .zen.images.

  2. Now, back in that Utility space, insert your image on your .zen.footer page, but be sure to select it from the .zen.images page housed in the different space you selected in Step 1.
  3. Save and publish the page.
  4. That should do it!