Normally Zen Brands are set globally or per space. But you can configure Zen Foundation to override the normal brand based on the domain used to surf to the site.

Not Recommended By Atlassian

Using multiple domains to reach Confluence is not supported by Atlassian. Only one "Base URL" (domain) is supported.

While Confluence will function well when accessed by multiple domains, email notifications (and links by some plugins) will direct the user back to the site using the Base URL configured in the Admin Console. This may require the user to login again (due to browser cookies) and can change the brand selection for the user.


If you understand the above warning and would still like to do this:

  1. In the zen folder of your Confluence home (data) directory, create a file called
  2. Add one line per group to the file of the form domain=brand. For example:

    would cause users who surf to to see your corporate brand, while users visiting would see the intranet brand. Normal global and space-level brand settings would continue to determine the brand seen by users accessing the site with other domains.

  3. Note: Do not include the http:// or https:// prefix, or the port number (such as :8090) in the entries.

You don't need to restart Confluence after creating or modifying this file. However, depending on the browser, users might need to clear their browser cache to see the change take effect.