Zen Foundation's Brand Designer lets you control nearly every aspect of your Zen design. Click on the items in the left panel of the Brand Designer to access each panel of options. Change something, and click Apply to see the result.

While no coding skills are needed (see Fast Track below), this tool was built for graphic designers, so a basic grasp of HTML and CSS concepts will help.

Fast Track

In just 5 minutes, create a design that complies with your marketing department's branding guidelines. Use the Logo & Color Palette panel to add your logo and colors, and watch Zen Foundation regenerate all of its icons to match, instantly. Then use the Custom Fonts panel to specify web fonts which you can apply using the Font Family fields in the other panels.

Popup Help for Every Design Control

Not sure what a particular option does? Click on any label in the Brand Designer for popup help. 


Great design requires experimentation. So don't be afraid to try something, and click Apply. Like it? Good. Not really? Use the Undo option in the toolbar's Configuration menu to reverse the change, or choose Redo to reapply it. There's no limit to the undos and redos, so don't hold back.

The Tour

We're hopeful that with our popup help tips, you can jump right in and start designing. If you'd like a bit more of an overview for each of the Brand Designer 'wizard' screens, however, you may find the pages below helpful. 

Please note that we are currently working to update our Brand Designer Help documentation. In the meantime, if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to shoot us an email. We love feedback!

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