The Body Class macro allows page designers to add CSS classes to the page body element.

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A space-delimited list of classes to be added to the page's HTML body element.

Wiki Markup

We use the Body Class macro primarily with CSS to enhance design, while isolating that styling to a specific page.

Special Background Images

Add a body class such as "site-home" to your site's home page and then, with CSS, add a special background image. 

This is exactly how we achieve the "watermark" conversation bubble background image on our own homepage.

Redefine Styling, but keep it Isolated

Example: Sometimes we want large Section Tabs, and sometimes we want small Section Tabs. Most of the time we use the large ones, but in much of our documentation, we want to have them smaller, both to fit in more information, and also to fit better into the look and feel of our documentation.

So — we set up the default styling in our brand to use larger tabs, but we've added CSS to specify that if the page has a body class of "small-tabs," then they automagically come in smaller. The key here is to think about what you do MOST of the time, then use the Brand Designer to style your brand that way. Use the Body Class macro to override.