From the Blog Master, you define the standard layout for all blog posts within the site or a space. The Blog Master is very similar to the Master Page Layout, which you can learn about here.

Access the Blog Master

To access the Blog Master:

  1. Access the site or space settings (See the Configure Settings for Layout, Menus, Headers and Footers page.)
  2. Click the "Click here to view and edit the Blog Master" link.

    Blog Master Link in a Space

    When using the site default for the Blog Master, this link forwards you to the Site Settings page in the Administration Console. From this page, click the Click here to view and edit the Blog Master link to access the master.

  3. The page opens.

For Confluence 5 / Zen 5.2.8 Users: New Blog Navigator Setup

To add Confluence's Blog Navigator to your Blog View Page:
  1. Open your Zen Space Settings and click on your Blog Post Master Layout page. (see above)
  2. Add a new section to the page. (See Columns, Sections, and Page Display Details for more information on adding sections.)
  3. Drag that section to make a column (left or right of the main, whatever you prefer.)
  4. Open the Section Designer for your new section. (See the Section Designer page for more information.)
  5. Add the class show-blog-navigator to the section, and hit apply.

This won't look like much while you're still on your blog.master, but when you look at your blog view, you should see the Blog Navigator featured in your newly added section.