To tailor the items visible on Zen's toolbar, start with the Brand Designer options described on Managing the Toolbar. This allows you to adjust the toolbar for anonymous versus logged-in users.

However, if you want to tailor the toolbar based on administrator status, you can add custom JavaScript to your brand.

  1. Click on "Add CSS/Javascript" in the Brand Designer, specify the file name, select the "JavaScript" radio button, and click "Apply" to create a new file. Reopen the Brand Designer and your new file will appear at the bottom of left panel. Click on that file, and add your custom JavaScript.

  2. After reading the Managing the Toolbar to determine the toolbar item's "CSS selector" (or using your browser's "Inspect Element" tools if the menu item you want to prune is not listed), adjust the selector variable in the following code and paste it into your new JavaScript file in the brand.

    Example custom-javascript.js
     AJS.toInit(function ($) {
    	// CSS selectors for the people directory and the admin toolbar menus
    	var selectors = "#people-menu, #admin-menu";
    	// Hide from users that are NOT Confluence Administrators
    	if (!Zen.isConfluenceAdmin) $(selectors, "#zen-toolbar").remove();
  3. You can use other JavaScript variables provided by Zen to target different users:

    JavaScript VariableTrue when the current user
    Zen.isConfluenceAdminis a Confluence administrator
    Zen.isSpaceAdminis an administrator of the current space (only relevant when viewing content in a space)
    canEditcan edit pages in the current space
    canBlogcan create blog posts in the current space
  4. Click "Apply" to save the JavaScript in your brand and see the results.
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