You can add wiki content in all the usual ways — Zen doesn't limit any of the native Confluence options, including Import Word Document. But editing is different with Zen Foundation. We'll look at adding and editing a Page first, and then the few minor differences when editing Blog posts.

Where pages go

It's worth taking a moment to understand Where Pages Go, so you know where to find your content.

Changing Page Titles

You can edit a page or blogpost title if you have edit permission on that page. To edit a page's title:

  1. Hover over the page title and the "T" icon will appear
  2. Click the "T" to bring up the page title wizard

Did You Know?

In edit mode, you can add an attachment to the page (such as an image or a document) by dragging and dropping the file from your file system browser onto the editor. This makes it easy to insert an image in the page: just drag the file onto the editor, then click the image  icon and select the file.

Please note that drag-and-drop is only available with supported browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox; IE8 requires the installation of a plugin for drag-and-drop).

Adding a Page

To add a page in Zen Foundation, simply:

  1. Click the "Add Page" Toolbar tool
  2. In the Editor, give your page a title and some content
  3. Click "Preview"
  4. You've just created a draft page visible only to you. At this point, you can continue to revise the page, or...
  5. If you're satisfied with the results, click the publish checkmark icon at the top of the page
  6. Presto! You've just published online content.

Editing a Page

To edit, let your mouse hover over the upper left corner of the content section you want to modify. You'll see the edit icon appear. Click on it to get to the editor, and continue to edit and preview until you're ready to publish your content.

Adding and Editing Blog Posts

Adding and editing Blog posts is almost exactly like adding and editing pages, except for where they go and how you find them. Blog posts are an exception to the page tree concept because they are not designed to be organized by topic or by any order other than date. Instead, Blog posts are accessed, and added, from the Blog. When you create a new Blog post, it's simply added in chronological order to all of the other blog posts for a space.

You can browse the Blog posts by date via the Other Content → Blog menu item, which takes you to the space Blog, where you'll find the Blog calendar tool:

Blog posts are also created and editable as drafts, and aren't publicly viewable until you say so. As with pages, blog posts can be edited by hovering your mouse over the upper left corner of any blog post content section to summon the edit icon , and click to go to the editor.

Designing Content

For more detailed information about designing pages with Zen Layouts and Sections (and designing Zen Sections themselves), see Designing Pages.

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