Adding Custom Files

The Brand Designer makes it easy to add custom JavaScript or CSS files without ever leaving Confluence. 

To add new files, simply name them, and indicate whether the file is CSS or a JavaScript file, and Zen will take are of the rest: hit Apply and Zen will put the files where they belong in your brand (in the css or scripts folders).

You can then access the new files for modification right within the Brand Designer. You should see your new file listed in the left hand panel of the Brand Designer. Click to edit.

Don't add the <script> tags to your JavaScript files

When adding custom JavaScript via the Brand Designer, be sure to provide only JavaScript (i.e., omit the HTML <script> tags).

Managing Custom Files

At the top of your custom CSS and JavaScript files you will find radio button options to indicate how the files should be applied.

(HINT: use the Ignore button as a great way to troubleshoot code without having to rename files or go into the actual brand files.)

More information on adding custom files can be found here: Custom CSS and JavaScript.

Changing Custom File Order

Your custom files will be applied in the same order that you added them to your brand. However, you can change the order using the Brand Designer's Specialty panel's CSS and JavaScript fields. Just copy and paste to reorder, and remember to leave off the ".css" and ".js" extensions.